Hi! I'm Zoey an Assistance Primate & Education Animal

Help me Save Lemur-Kind before we go extinct!

A Zoey Story

Donate $5 a month and Save Lemurs from extinction...

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goal of creating and maintaining a forever home to welcome all lemurs when Madagascar can no longer sustain their species due to deforestation. 

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What we Do!

WE RAISE awareness through educating everyone we meet that Lemurs are going extinct and need our help!

Next year most if not all lemurs will likely be extinct in the wild. . . . Madagascar is the only place left on eath that lemurs can be found. On the island only 5% of lemur habitat remains due to extreme deforestation.

WE GIVE back providing one of the only hands on exotic animal therapy experiences

We visit hospitals and bring love and smiles , we work with special needs children teaching animal interaction, we work at animal reserves interacting with and rehabilitating monkeys that have been tested on and abused, but our newest venture is working with Wounded Warriors and those with PTSD to overcome social anxiety and the genuine fear of being different.

WE ARE going to build lemur Sanctuaries all around the United States

Our goal is to by the time Lemurs go extinct in the wild, and with the help of donations and community participation, to have purchased or acquired a plot of land here in San Diego, California, that is or can be properly zoned for the first Lemur-arium, and give whats left of our lemurs friends a forever home.


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